Personal Training

  • Monday-Sunday 5 am-8 pm
  • $65 +hst
  • Packages of 8 or 10 sessions only

Come and join me in my private studio and start building a workout program based completely on you. Your goals, current fitness level and time will be how we start to build a completely custom plan. We will work together to make sure we are building the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted.

Pure Strength

  • 8 week sessions
  • Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday at 5:30

Have you ever wanted to learn to lift but have felt intimidated to do so? Then this class is made for you! In a private setting and small groups, you will learn the foundations of lifting to help you strengthen your whole body. Ready for a total transformation? This is the way to do it. 


  • Mondays 10 am
  • Tuesdays 10 am
  • Thursday’s 5:30 pm
  • 6 week sessions $150

Starting this January I will be adding Barre three times a week! Barre is a wonderful full body workout that is ever changing. You will never do the same workout twice.

January is the perfect time to find some new things to get you out of the house and keep you active. Barre classes are accessible for all fitness levels. Barre targets the legs, glutes, arms and core. With the use of a ballet bar and awesome music, barre is a class that will have your muscles shaking and heart rate up. This class never disappoints.

Be prepared to work hard but have soo many laughs.

Flow and Stretch

  • Offered every other Saturday at 9am starting January 19th
  • $25 drop in only

This series flows through different postures designed to improve mobility, strengthen the core, upper body and legs. Using assisted stretching you will be able to increase your mobility in just one session.

Private Flow and Stretch

  • Booked to suit your schedule
  • $85 for 1 hour
  • $45 for 1/2 an hour

Private Flow and Stretch is a one on one session that is one of my favourite ways to show people how possible it is to improve their mobility right away. This session involves many different assisted stretching poses, as well as light pressure to work on any tight muscles you may have. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Mobile Fitness

  • Prices start at $100 an hour based on location.
  • Contact me for any questions or to setup a free consultation.

Short on time? Up at the cottage for a few weeks?  Or have a group of people interested in sharing the cost of private training? Then mobile fitness is your best solution. One on one or a group session available and I will bring everything to you!

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