Christmas Workout Countdown

Here is where you will find all of the 12 Christmas Countdown Workout Videos starting December 2nd!

What you need to know to get going! 

  • it’s free!
  • workouts are all under 10 minutes long
  • require little to no equipment
  • one dumbbell and one mini band
  • workouts will also be posted on Instagram and Facebook 
  • videos available of each workout so you can see each movement
  • you can post your workout times fast or slow on Instagram or Facebook below each workout for a chance to win some prizes! 

Workout One

This workout will have you moving for only the amount of time it takes you to complete four rounds! We have put a 8 minutes time cap on all the countdown workouts because you honestly don’t need more time than that. If you’re really stiff or cold before starting this workout go slower in the first two rounds and speed up your last two! Let us know on Instagram or Facebook when you’ve completed the workout for your chance to win some gift cards and prizes!

Workout Two (December 4th)

Workout Three (December 6th)

Workout Four (December 8th)

It’s a redo from last year! That’s why it says workout three and December 3rd.

If you did this last year try to beat your rounds!

Workout Five (December 10th)

Workout Six (December 12th)

Workout Seven (December 14th)

Workout Eight (December 16th)

Workout Nine (December 18th)

Workout Ten (Decemeber 20th)

Workout Eleven (December 22nd)

Workout Twelve (December 24th)

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