Alex on the right, me on the left during a training session. And of course my dog Thomas.


My name is Emma-Lee and I have been running my own private fitness studio for 6 years. I have a true love and passion for all things fitness and food. I have been a competitive Lacrosse athlete, I use to run road races, I love to do yoga, pilates, Crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, really the list is endless. I have taken this experience to help build a studio that will help you reach your fitness goals. Maybe you aren’t even sure what your goals are, I can help!

Throwback with my Dad at the 2003  World Cup for field lacrosse in Towson Maryland.

I truly believe fitness and health is a journey that is ever changing throughout our lives. I personally have been heavier, I have been lighter, I have exercised while pregnant and I have worked hard postpartum to get back into shape. Why am I telling you this? Well, because I get it. Life can get in the way of our fitness and health goals all the time. I have been there.  It is all about adapting your life to your health and fitness goals based on where you are. It is possible to find your fitness path all throughout life if you are flexible but at the same time make it a priority. Some days it will be easier to put off your workout, or grocery shopping but if you are able to really make your health a priority you will always find your way back. It may just look different each time, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact changing things up or working to find the style of workouts or eating that you love is truly the best way to reach your optimal health.

Last but not least.
Make sure to check out my classes page to find a fitness class that will work for you. But if you don’t please check out the page above called Healthy Living in the Kawarthas to find other fitness classes in our community. As well check out my Finding the “Right” Path post to see more of what Whole Health Kawartha is about.

The photo below is the perfect example of one of the many fitness classes we have in our community. Savovara Yoga located in beautiful Bobcaygeon and offers Stand up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP) in the summer.  Photo credit to a wonderful local photographer Hugh Whitaker. img_2675