21 Day Wellness Challenge

Your new 21 Day workout and fitness challenge is here!

Everything starts on September 9th but who am I to tell you when to start. You could really start anytime. The goal is simple:

It is time to make some choices about how to improve your nutrition and fitness.

Below you will find workouts, meal ideas, a 10 minute mobility video and even a workout and meal planner! Over the next 21 days I am asking you to pick 3 workouts and 3 new meal or snack ideas a week. That is only 9 workouts, and 9 new recipe ideas over the next 21 days! You can do this!

Find what you like and what you don’t over the next 21 days and jumpstart your goals.

If you haven’t read the whole blog I wrote about this challenge you can click the link below. It goes into more detail about what you might want to know about everything! You can find it here –>

21 Day Fall Workout and Nutrition Challenge



Click the link below to go to the Pinterest board I set up for this challenge. Find new meal and snack ideas to keep your healthy eating goals on track.

Workout and meal planner!

Below is your workout and nutrition planner. It may seem silly, but writing out your plan will help you to succeed! Pick your workouts and new meal ideas ahead of time and write them down. Making a concrete plan will help you to stay motivated with the goals you have picked for yourself.

Mobility Video

If you need some assistance in the mobility department here is a quick 10 minute video for you. I like to stretch in the morning while also drinking my coffee. My mobility work always allows for coffee breaks. My routine is not complicated and it is never the same. I put together a 10 minute video of a few of my favourites. Movement is movement, don’t feel confined to any one particular form. Youtube is full of free beginner and advanced mobility videos just take a look around.

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