Finding the “Right” Path

Welcome to my new website!

With my new website comes new and exciting stuff!

First, I am back to work full time and would love it if you came and joined me for a workout or to chat food or kids!

Second, next week I am beginning a series all about all of the amazing health, fitness and food related things we have in the Kawarthas!

This blog series is all about helping YOU!

In the Kawarthas we are very fortunate to have so many amazing resources to help you be the healthiest you can. There all around us! Maybe you don’t know about them yet, or maybe you do but we should help others find it too. Finding the “right” path within the fitness and health industry looks different to everyone and it should. It can also be intimidating and overwhelming. It is your own personal journey not limited to one type of fitness or one type of eating (I don’t like the word diet). Life is ever changing and more than likely your interests will to. My hope is to help connect or reconnect you with local businesses that you will love and help you. Trying to stick to something you hate has a success rate of about 0 and is simply a waste of your time and money.

I touched breifly on eating above, but really that should have it’s own whole post and it will later. What you eat is far more important than the fitness activities that you do. Eating and food  should make you feel good. You should enjoy it. Did you know we have many different farmers markets in the area? Which is not only great for us but helps our local farmers. Go farmers!! Do you know about the extensive restaurants options that provide nutritious and delicious foods for all different diets. There is also a growing amount of local premade meal businesses. Our community is amazing, and I look forward to exploring it and introducing you to things to help you on your journey to your best health.

Ready to get started?

The first place I will be heading is to Sarovara Yoga in Bobcaygeon(pictured above). I will be there checking out all of the classes that the very lovely Ally Boothroyd offers in her lakeside yoga studio. You can check out her out here. Sarovara

All posts will be available on my blog which is where you’re reading this, but I will also be posting links on Facebook and Instagram so make sure to follow along!

If you have any suggestions of a place that deserve some promotion, or I should check out, please head to the contact link up top and send me a message!

Really looking forward to you following along!

Health and Wellness,


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